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  • WelcomeWelcome to our online community! We hope you find what you are looking for! At Chabad Jewish Center of the East Bay, we always look forward to hearing from you. Read More
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  • CGI Berkeley Summer 2017Camp Gan Israel is dedicated to enriching the lives of children from diverse Jewish backgrounds and affiliations through a stimulating camping experience! Calendar & Registration
  • Hebrew SchoolChabad Hebrew School is dedicated to making the richness of our heritage accessible to every Jewish child no matter their affiliation or level of observance. Read More
  • Hebrew ClassesIf you can't read the letters on the left, you need classes. At Chabad Jewish Center of the East Bay, we offer Hebrew classes free of cost to whoever wants to learn.
  • Challah Baking EventSAVE THE DATE! Celebrate this most powerful mitzvah entrusted to women. Discover the beauty of our tradition connecting the generations. Details to be announced.
  • Jewish CalendarIt is still not too late to order your Jewish Calendar. Filled with special recipes, meaning of the Jewish Holidays and beautiful artwork, the calendar will guide you through each month with joy. Order Here
  • DonateBecome a partner in our work and help us help others. Your gift allows us to share the beauty and depth of Judaism with the next generation.
  • Read This Week's Haftarah CompanionFor an informed reading of Ezekiel 45:18–46:15 Read More
  • The Old Man in the English VillageSporting a full beard and speaking a fluent Yiddish, the
    elderly man seemed strangely out of place...
    Read More
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If a person drops a sela, and a poor man finds it and is sustained by it, then he [who lost the coin] will be blessed on its account
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