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Parsha of the Week

Understanding the weekly portion with Rashi's commentary is a real pleasure. Give yourself some time and you will enjoy meeting Rashi, the French Medieval Torah Great, who elucidated the text for a 4-year-old going through the Torah for the first time.

Sundays, 9:30 am - 10:00 am (on-going) at Ferris Home

Instructor: Rabbi Yehuda Ferris

Cost: Free! No previous knowledge necessary.

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Friday Tanya Class

Delve into one of the greatest Jewish books of modern times: Tanya by Rabbi Shneur Zalman of Liadi.

The Tanya compacts four millenia of Jewish wisdom to answer the great personal and existential questions of life and revolutionized the way we think about G‑d, the human soul, the world and our place in it. Understand the complexities, doubts and drives within us are an expression of a single basic problem: the struggle between our G‑dly Soul and our Animal Soul. Also known as the Sefer shel Benonim, the work teaches how we can elevate our souls to ever higher levels of self-awareness and understanding.

Fridays, 10:00 am at the Ferris Home

Cost: $7 suggested donation/per class RSVP to [email protected]


JLI Torah Studies: A Weekly Journey into the Soul of Torah

11 lessons that probe into the depths of contemporary Torah thought, with a special focus on issues surrounding spirituality, the human psyche, love, and relationships. Every experience offers meaningful and timely lessons – from the most timeless of texts. You will walk away surprised, inspired, and knowing more about who we are as Jews, and who you are as an individual.

Instructor: Rabbi Yehuda Ferris

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