Our Team


(L to R) Rabbi Gil Yosef & Brocha Leeds, Chabad on Campus; Mrs. Sharalyn Stebben, Secretary; Rabbi Yehuda Yitzchok & Miriam Chaya Ferris, Chabad Berkeley Directors



Chabad is guided by the idea that there should be a place whose doors are open to every Jew, regardless of background or affiliation. A place where questions are embraced and Judaism is celebrated meaningfully and joyfully.

Chabad believes that every Jewish person is equally endowed with an enduring Jewish 'spark'. We seek to tap into this reservoir of Jewishness by offering an array of innovative programming and educational opportunities for adults, children and families.  By promoting a deepened awareness of, and inspired commitment to Judaism, Chabad creates a more unified and robust celebration of Jewish life in Berkeley, CA. 


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