Sponsor a Kiddush

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Sponsor the weekly Kiddush in honor of a birthday, anniversary, yahrtzeit or other special occasion.  

Classic Kiddush

The “Harchavah”

“Seudat Shlomo”
(“Feast of Solomon”)


Option 1

Option 2

Option 3

Challah Challah Challah
Chumus Deli Platters 4 Salads
2 salads 2  salads 2 kugels
Cholent - Pareve kugel 2 dips
Chips Chumus Chicken
Pastries Pareve cholent Cholent w/ Kishka & meat
Drinks Drinks Cake/ Cookies
L'Chaim (1 Bottle of Scotch) Cake/ Cookies Fresh Fruit
Paper Goods L'Chaim Soda
  Paper Goods L'Chaim

Paper Goods




Price: $180.00

Price $275.00

Price $360.00

 Also Available: Bagels and Lox Kiddush, includes Cream Cheese, 2 Salads, 2 Dips, Cake      Cost:$275

 Kiddush price is based on 30 people. To sponsor a kiddush or for more information please email office@chabadberkeley.org