Services & Schedule

"There are some shuls that have a great Chazzan, others
may have comfortable seats.
Our Shul is a completely different
complete with an awesome
rabbi and lots of exciting entertainment.

Our S hul promises never a dull moment and action not to be missed!"

Weekday Services:

Shacharit services at Congregation Beth Israel 6:30 a.m. (Sunday and Legal Holidays 8:00 a.m.).
1630 Bancroft Way at Jefferson in Berkeley.

Mincha/Ma'ariv services

Call CBI office to get the exact time. Usually 15 minutes before sundown.

Shabbat / ערב שבת

Mincha (Friday Afternoon Services) begin 15 minutes before sundown.

Summertime, we pray Mincha 15 minutes before Plag HaMincha

Maariv (Friday Evening Services) begin an hour after sundown.

At the

Ferris home 2942 Claremont Blvd Berkeley

Shabbat Day / יום שבת

Shacharit (Morning Service) at Chabad of the East Bay's minyan at the

East Bay Media Center

1939 Addison St, Berkeley 

9:30 am,
followed by the Torah Reading and Musaf.

Kiddush ( Luncheon) after the Musaf service.

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